Managed IT Services

Ready to go to the next level? Our IT Managed Services team is ready to turn your network into a well-tuned machine, by providing constant monitoring, maintenance and service. Prevent problems before they happen and maximize efficiency with one of our Managed Service Options:

  • Camera System Management – includes updates, pulling video footage, basic troubleshooting and changes to settings
  • Computer Management –includes basic updates to existing software and operating system, occasional physical cleaning, and basic maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Advanced Computer Management – Includes ESET Internet Security managment, advanced troubleshotting and mainenance including physical service and diagnostics, as well as other items in Computer Management package above
  • Information Security Management – covers monthly inspections and reports, log checks, any critical firmware updates and other necessary updates to critical equipment and devices. Check common blacklists. Verify backup solutions. Provide any relevant recommendations. Create and maintain guides and plans for networks and systems including disaster recovery.
  • Network Device Managment – we also offer management services for servers, routers, switches, wireless acess systems, printers, and other devices.
  • Advanced Networking - Looking for a VPN or remote access solutions? How about fiber connectivity for the ultimate speed and performance? Tech Solutions has you covered with our advanced networking solutions.


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